It’s like Christmas Eve!

It’s like Christmas Eve in the Smith household today! If there was a calendar for events like this, today we would have opened the last window and devoured the final chocolate, counting down the hours and minutes until we could climb into bed making the next morning come as quick as we could! 

 For tomorrow the diggers arrive! I say that? I assume there will be diggers! Surely, they don’t dig footings by hand!! Anyway, let’s assume that there will be diggers…The 5-year-old really hopes there will be diggers! 

The kitchen demolition began in ernest on Thursday…I woke to the sound of the much dreamed about sledge hammer hitting brick in a frenzy! This continued for most of the next 2 days! Concrete blocks, bricks and flat roofs (there were 2, having forgotten a new flat roof was placed over a damaged flat roof at some point previously…the surprise at finding another one under the first went down like erm a ton of bricks!) proving no match for Mr Smith! 



Once it was down the ‘easy’ part began…don’t tell him I used the word easy! He moved every single brick and block by hand, filling 2 skips in the process. He has literally worked like a crazy person and although he says I do not appreciate what he has done, he is actually mistaken and I am in awe at what he achieved all by himself.



By Friday the final skip (there’s been 4 in total) was filled and all that was left was the shed to clear (we’d got rid of the rubbish but had left our camping gear and Christmas decorations in there until we were able to find someone to put them!) and dismantle and all the wood to burn.  So over one if the hottest weekends of the year our garden was hotter than the equator and a bonfire raged for almost all our waking hours!


Despite claiming that Sunday would be a well-deserved day of rest, numerous trips to the dump saw the back of the last of the rubbish and the garden was finally clear.

 The new space is amazing and opening the door into the kitchen and ending up in the back garden is still taking some getting used to.


The temporary kitchen is proving ok (so far but it’s still early days!) and our neighbours have been amazing with food packages! We had lasagna and garlic bread delivered Sunday night which was so welcome as we were both too exhausted to even think about eating (or feeding the children!!) so yes, so far, it’s ok. 

Tomorrow the sunshine is due to make a welcome return, which makes everything happier especially if with it arrives some diggers! Please let there be diggers! 


Lindsey x

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