Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Its been just over a week since this journey began and so far so good.

Everyone’s still alive, no animals (including Max the inquisitive kitten, have managed to escape) and cooking in the ‘camping kitchen’ is not causing any issues that we haven’t managed to get over with a bit of thought and reorganisation.


Outside the last 3 days have been spent preparing the ground which has basically meant breaking up ridiculously thick concrete (with the help of a digger) that was laid the whole length of the house to enable the builders to get to the soft ground underneath.


Inside this has meant noise, noise and house shaking noise!  Its fair to say me & Maggie have spent a lot of the builders working hours somewhere other than at home! I’ve been assured there is only a couple more days of concrete bashing, but honestly its not that bad and the noise means we are one step closer to the end so its bearable.  Maggie also manages to sleep through most things (with the help of the radio) so its not been effecting her too much which makes things a whole lot easier.


Thankfully the weather has been kind to us because with the amount of mud that is now surrounding the house I am dreading when the inevitable rain does come and we are living in the middle of a mud bath!


The children only have this week left at school and then I will have to come up with things we can do to spend at least some time out of the house everyday. While the builders are here there is very little access to the garden and being cooped up for 6 weeks may send us all crazy!

At this point its daunting how much needs to be done for us to even remotely have a shell that we can work with but everyday is a step in the right direction and progress, however small, is still progress!


Lindsey x



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