Concrete, moats & lots of rain!

So we’ve officially been building for 11 days.  It seems like much longer but cooking on a camping stove can do that to you!

It has taken the builders a week to break up and clear all the existing concrete before they were even able to start thinking about foundations.  I think its not an exaggeration to say that its been a tough job! At times I half expected to find the builder either crying or gone! but its finally done, the offending concrete was collected by a ‘grabber’ on Wednesday and now the fun stuff begins!

51  74

Well I say fun stuff… how exciting can concrete and bricks get! The last few days have been spent marking out the extension and digging trenches for the concrete footings.


Everyone said we timed it to perfection…long, dry days…we would get more work done everyday than if we had started earlier in the year during the shorter darker more likely to rain days.  As soon as the footings were dug the rain started.  As quick as the water drained away, they filled right back up again!

84.jpg  102.jpg

On Friday the concrete arrived and the trenches were filled ready for the rest of the footings.  Now the water had nowhere to drain to.  Mr Smith has spent a lot of the weekend sweeping and siphoning water, which in my mind was a pointless exercise when it just kept raining! Most of the weekend it was like having our own private moat!  All we needed was a drawbridge!


In all honesty the bricks are where the excitement lies and I have been assured by the end of the week we’ll be out of the ground ready for the bricklayers to start the walls next week!

And that is something to start getting excited about!


Lindsey x





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