It’s been a while…lets have a catch up!

I’m not going to lie the six week school holiday has killed my blogging roll!

Having 4 humans to care for & entertain on top of normal daily doings (shopping, washing, cleaning, working etc) has meant by the time the smallest are asleep I’m not too far behind them & most definitely not in the right frame of mind to look at a computer screen & come with anything witty or at all meaningful!

With a week to go & work on the house full steam ahead (and a whole month since my last update) I thought that it was time for an update!

We are officially 55 days into the renovation…55 days! Where has that time gone!

We have exterior walls, space for windows & doors and the first floor.


We needed to have 4 steel beams fitted (to support the weight of the house when the original walls are knocked out) and there is still two to go but they need an interior wall to be knocked down and we’re not quite at that point yet.


Honestly it’s been slow, not from a building point of view but from a living on a building site with 4 kids during the summer holidays & having to supply endless cups of tea & coffee, point of view.  I’m sure for the first month all it did was rain so I know we are about a week behind but the roof is due to be started on Wednesday and then the internal work can start.


I have nothing but envy for the people lucky enough to have this sort of work done whilst living elsewhere especially with children but a couple of weekends camping was the extent of our ‘break’ away from home and I was still cooking on a camping stove so I’m not sure who it was a break for!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel & I’m starting to choose the interior bits & pieces in anticipation of the exciting part!

It’s not going to be too much longer & I for one am counting down the minutes!

Love Lindsey x

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